Sterling PBES Energy Solutions (SPBES)

Sterling PBES Energy Solutions (SPBES) is on a mission to electrify the world’s oceans. Led by a seasoned team of industry experts, SPBES has created the safest and most robust energy storage system ever conceived.

Our team has been involved in the industry since 2009 and is responsible for many industry firsts.

The world is undergoing a period of significant change unlike anything in human history. All of us must work together to reduce fossil fuel emissions.

That is why we find it important to be in close personal contact with the people within the maritime industry, to discuss the possibilities that we can bring to the table. Being at The Danish Maritime Fair 2020 makes it possible for us to show, that we can provide the maritime industry with the ability to operate cleanly and efficiently, and thus make positive impacts now and in the future.”

Brent Perry