The phone lines are busy in the Sales Department of the Danish Maritime Fair. The incoming calls are from both Danish and foreign companies who want to secure themselves a stand at the Fair, which takes place this Spring – from the 2nd to the 4th of May to be exact, at Lokomotivværkstedet in Copenhagen.

– It is going to be an even more international fair this year, with many foreign exhibitioners and a large new maritime conference arranged by Nor-Shipping, says Rene Wittendorff, CEO at the Media Group Maritime Denmark, and Head Chief of Sales at the Danish Maritime fair.

– At the same time, we are experiencing a great support for the Fair from the maritime industry in Denmark, both from first time exhibitioners and exhibitioners who have attended before. Having an international maritime fair in Copenhagen, is a unique opportunity to present all the innovative maritime products and strong competences we have in Denmark, says Rene Wittendorff.

PJ Diesel

One of the exhibitioners who have attended the fair since the beginning is Danish company, PJ Diesel. Aside from having a large stand at the fair, the company has chosen to be the Gold Sponsor of the entire event.

– We are Gold Sponsor again this year, and this is a very conscious decision, as we would like to support the great initiative the best we possibly can. Denmark is the world’s sixth largest maritime nation, and it makes a lot of sense for us to have a maritime fair, with such a large presence in the maritime business, says Rasmus Elsborg-Jensen, General Manager of PJ Diesel.

Why do you feel that it is important to attend the Danish Maritime Fair 2018?

– The Danish Maritime Fair is a great opportunity for us to meet our customers and suppliers under more casual conditions. At the same time the Fair gives us the opportunity to showcase our entire product portfolio.

What do you expect to gain from the event?

– We expect to have a great dialogue with our business partners. We have chosen to bring a large staff to the fair, so that the visitors can have the opportunity to meet the people they speak with daily on the phone. At the same time, our business partners have the opportunity to speak with the manufacturers we represent, says Rasmus Elsborg-Jensen.

Which preparations are you making in advance?

– The Danish Maritime Fair is a big marketing investment for us, so we put a lot of work into it. For example, we put a lot of effort into inviting customers and business partners to our stand, and to the fair in general.

– We also work hard towards giving the visitors a great experience when visiting our stand. That they get the opportunity to see several products and the chance to ask any questions they might have, says Rasmus Elsborg-Jensen.

Codan Marine

From the opposite end of the industry, the insurance company Codan Marine has the same message:

– Given the fact that we have a maritime fair in Denmark, we would like to support the initiative – by showing solidarity. This might sound a little posh, but we believe that it is important, says Stina Søholm, Area Manager of Codan Marine.

– The fair is about visibility, customer contact and networking. It is important for us to be visible in the maritime environment, there are not many maritime insurance companies in Denmark. We would like to meet our customers, and of course potential customers – and finally the Fair is an opportunity to orientate ourselves of the market.

What do you expect to gain from the fair?

– We have no concrete expectations of making any sales while at the Fair. Maritime insurances are relatively complex, so it is rare to sell them while at a stand at a fair. But we are expecting to have a great experience, and to showcase our products and competence at the fair, says Stina Søholm.

The Danish Maritime Fair is a part of the Danish Maritime Days.