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Safe, reliable and efficient power management on the high seas

On ships of all sizes, our products, systems and services combined to a co-operating network provide a robust and efficient energy management system. It provides safe distribution and availability of energy at all times. In this way, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) guarantee continuous operation of all systems. And thanks to the support of innovative automation and hydraulic solutions, ships can manoeuvre precisely in all weather conditions and reach their port of destination on time.
Eaton stands for high-quality supply of power. And on the high seas, hundred percent availability of electrical energy is what counts.

Generatorvej 8C
2860 Søborg
Phone: 36 86 79 10

Key contact persons:
Marine UPS Solutions: Tom Bøjland,, +45 40944073
Medium Voltage Switchgear: Henrik Wilhøft,, +45 40465417
Motor Control & Automation solutions: Johnny Marchmann,, +45 40828015

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