DAMPA was founded in 1951 and ever since, the development of DAMPA has been rooted in innovation, tradition, and renewal. With a constant focus on adding value to unique building designs, DAMPA has been amongst the preferred choices for high quality suspended metal ceiling solutions both ashore and at sea.

Since the introduction of a number of new designs in the 1970s, DAMPA has been a world leader in the marine sector, having supplied millions of square meters of high-quality fire certified ceiling solutions to leading international shipyards.

Ceilings from DAMPA assures high quality, due to the diversity and wide range of their product and service portfolio. Their metal ceiling solutions ensures that you always get the best solution in terms of design, functionality, quality, and safety.

By focusing on the use of the room, DAMPA seeks to integrate safety, acoustics, indoor environment, lighting, ventilation, and Quiet Danish design into one.

On the question, why DAMPA is participating at the Danish Maritime Fair Michael Nykjær, CEO at DAMPA says: “As a Danish company, it is important to participate in and support the Danish Maritime Fair. We have many Danish companies in the maritime sector. Danish design is well known all over the world, and as a supplier of ceilings, we know that the interior of ships is important both in the passenger- and the work-areas.

It is our hope that we can offer the visitors a good experience in Copenhagen, with a less stressful atmosphere in Bella Center.

I hope that many of our Danish colleagues will see this exhibition as a window to the maritime world and that we, in turn, can give the visitors a view into the Danish maritime world.”