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Three days of exhibitions and events

The Royal Danish Navy’s Marching Band will provide a festive opening, when the The Danish Maritime Fair 2018 opens

Program for the Danish Maritime Fair

Take a look at the current program for the Danish Maritime Fair 2018

Great support for the Danish Maritime Fair

The phone lines are busy in the Sales Department of the Danish Maritime Fair

High-level speakers at Opening Oceans Conference

The Opening Oceans Conference 2018 is one of the two international conferences taking place at Lokomotivværkstedet

New Danish Maritime Fair website

We are proud to announce the launch of our redesigned Danish Maritime Fair website.

Turkish shipyard at the Danish Maritime Fair

Danish Maritime Fair 2018, which takes place at the event location Lokomotivværkstedet in Copenhagen from the 2nd – 4th of May 2018, has just signed a contract with their first Turkish exhibiter ever, at the international Danish exhibition.

The exhibiter is the cutting edge Turkish shipyard Özata Shipyard, located in Altinova, approximately 80 kilometers southeast of Istanbul. The shipyard is capable of delivering a variety of different ship types up to 30,000 DWT. In addition to traditional steel ships, the ship yard also manufactures carbon fiber vessels.

”We are both happy and proud to present our first Turkish exhibiter at the Danish Maritime fair”, says Martin Uhlenfeldt, Partner at Media Group Maritime Denmark, who organizes the Danish Maritime fair.

”Naturally, we have a lot of Danish exhibitors at the Danish Maritime fair, which we are very happy about” says Martin Uhlenfeldt.

”But we do strive to reach the world, and we are therefore very pleased that we have made contact with the big Turkish market.”

Özata Shipyard was founded in 1985 and until the year of 2002, the ship yard was based in the city of Tuzla, but moved to new facilities in an 60.000 square feet area near Altinova.

Özata Shipyard produces various ship types, including rare Carbon Fiber Catamaran Ferries – a production in which highly specialized knowledge is needed, and a process where proficient employees are key. Other ship types include luxury yachts, passenger ships, tankers and a number of special ships as for example rescue SAR boats.

Danish Maritime Fair was founded in 2014 by the Danish Media Group Maritime Denmark, and the exhibition taking place in the beginning of May 2018 is the fourth edition. The exhibition is part of Danish Maritime Days, which was also established in 2014.

From 2014 to 2017, the Danish Maritime Fair and Danish Maritime Days was held every year in the month of October, but from now on, both the exhibition and the maritime days will take place every two years – with the next time being in May 2018.

Meanwhile the exhibition takes place, two big maritime conferences as well as a number of smaller events and seminars will take place at the fair venue – Lokomotivværkstedet – an industrial building rich in history located in Copenhagen’s Sydhavn.

If you wish to exhibit or to hear more information about the Danish Maritime Fair, please send an email to or give us a call on +45 7020 4155.

The Danish Maritime Fair is a part of the Danish Maritime Days.

Danish Maritime Fair 2018 underway

The next edition of the Danish Maritime Fair, which has moved and is now taking place in early May – with a nice distance to the world’s largest maritime fair SMM – has begun to take shape. The sale of stands is going well and the conference activities are falling into place. The Danish Maritime Technology Conference is the flagship of the activities surrounding the fair.

“We are happy and proud that Danske Maritime has chosen to hold the Danish Maritime Technology Conference in connection with Danish Maritime Fair,” says Martin Uhlenfeldt, Partner of the Media Group Maritime Denmark.

One of the biggest successes in Danish Maritime Fair 2016 was the Shipowners Lounge, a stand that made it possible to enter dialogue with Danish shipping companies and their member companies under casual circumstances.

“We have continued work on the concept and next year we will present another shipping lounge – German Shipowners Lounge. German shipping companies pay close attention to the Danish market and like the relaxed atmosphere at the Danish Maritime Fair,” says Martin Uhlenfeldt.

“We are also working to increase the number of national stands at the Danish Maritime Fair. For example, we have just made a breakthrough in Poland to advertise the Danish Maritime Fair.”
The commercial activities taking place from May 2-4 will again be accompanied by a wide range of conferences and meeting activities.

The main conference is, as mentioned, the Danish Maritime Technology Conference, which will take place on May 2-3 at Lokomotivværkstedet. In addition, the Media Group Maritime Denmark is working to initiate a maritime conference for the first time ever.

The Danish Maritime Fair is a part of the Danish Maritime Days.

Danish Maritime Fair 2018

After a long series of meetings with exhibitors, organizers and other partners, it is now a fact that the next edition of the Danish Maritime Fair will take place from 2 – 4 May 2018 in Lokomotivværkstedet in Copenhagen. The fair will remain a central part of the Danish Maritime Days, as the organizations behind Danish Maritime Days have decided that this arrangement is also scheduled for early May 2018.

 – It is with great pleasure we ascertain, that the strong new ties – that the Danish Maritime Days has created in The Blue Denmark – will be preserved, says Rene Wittendorff, CEO of the Media Group Maritime Denmark and the Danish Martime Fair.

– We look forward to continuing the close cooperation with the organizations behind Danish Maritime Days, and we will do our best to contribute to the concept being further developed – for the benefit of the entire Blue Denmark, says Rene Wittendorff.

Although the dates have just been finalized, the team behind the Danish Maritime Fair has been working on the project for a long time. The main lines of the new Hallplan 2018 is long drawn, and everything indicates that the fair will set new records in 2018.

– Our exhibitors and visitors have always wished, that the fair should continue as a part of the Danish Maritime Days – but with a greater distance to the big SMM exhibition. We have fought hard to achieve this, and now it has come through, says Rene Wittendorff.

Besides being set at a better time, the Danish Maritime Fair will henceforth take place every two years – compared to each year from 2014 – 2016.

– We are very grateful for the outstanding support that the establishment of the Danish Maritime Fair has received from all parts of The Blue Denmark. Without this support, the exhibition would never have happened, says Rene Wittendorff.

– It has been challenging for all to complete the Danish Maritime Days and Danish Maritime Fair for three consecutive years, but it has been necessary to get the concept started. Now we’re building on the valuable experience we have collected the first three years, and continue the close cooperation – for the benefit of Danish exports and employment.

May is not only a much better time when you look at the other big maritime events taking place in the world. The month of May also makes it possible to involve the large outdoor areas at Lokomotivværkstedet’s disposal – which opens up entirely new possibilities.

If you want to secure a booth at Danish Maritime Fair in May 2018, you can contact the fair’s sales department at +45 7020 4155 or email:

The Danish Maritime Fair is a part of the Danish Maritime Days.