Sterling PBES Energy Solutions (SPBES)

Sterling PBES Energy Solutions (SPBES) is on a mission to electrify the world’s oceans. Led by a seasoned team of industry experts, SPBES has created the safest and most robust energy storage system ever conceived.

Our team has been involved in the industry since 2009 and is responsible for many industry firsts.

The world is undergoing a period of significant change unlike anything in human history. All of us must work together to reduce fossil fuel emissions.

That is why we find it important to be in close personal contact with the people within the maritime industry, to discuss the possibilities that we can bring to the table. Being at The Danish Maritime Fair 2020 makes it possible for us to show, that we can provide the maritime industry with the ability to operate cleanly and efficiently, and thus make positive impacts now and in the future.”

Brent Perry

Marstal Navigationsskole

It is our mission is to undertake education within the rules and regulations of the Ministry of Higher Education and Science and the Danish Maritime Authority. To us, it is not enough to follow the changing in rules and regulations, we also need to follow the change in the work environment, for which we are preparing our students.

As a highly specialized education center within the marine sector, it is important for us to be in close contact with the industries we serve. In cooperation with SIMAC (Svendborg International Maritime Academy), we are participating in the fair, and we expect to renew old acquaintances and make new ones, for mutual benefits.

Jeppe Carstensen
Rektor / Director / Pisortaq

Photo: Bjørg Dalheim


Danish Maritime Fair on track for a new record

The fifth edition of the international Danish Maritime Fair and the first to be organized by Bella Center Copenhagen seems to be the biggest and most international Danish Maritime fair ever. The interest shown from both Danish and foreign exhibitors is great, and at the same time, the fair introduces a series of new areas, that will be able to draw further visitors.

“The Bella Center Copenhagen is performing extremely well. We are very close to brake a new record, this will be the greatest area ever covered by the fair, and we are still negotiating with many more exhibitors”, states René Wittendorff, CEO of the Danish Maritime Fair.

Looking at the marketing side of it, two major deals have been struck with two leading foreign media partners. The British maritime media The Digital Ship will make The Danish Maritime Fair their cover story, in the Apris issue. The Australian media Baird will make The Maritime Fair their cover story up to the fair, that is held on the 13th. and 14th. of May 2020 at the Bella Center Copenhagen.

More visitors

To make it more attractive for visitors to come to the fair, there will be free admittance. all you have to do is to register, this can be done either from home or at the entrance.

Visiting the fair, and all the stands, you will also be able to follow professional tracks, where exhibitors will be telling about new innovative products.

The presentations will be pooled into tracks consisting of up to four companies from related industries. Each company has 10 minutes at its disposal.

Following the individual batch of presentations, there will be a guided tour to the presenting companies’ individual stands, where you will be able to have a more in-depth dialogue. The professional tracks will be conducted, on an ongoing basis, throughout the exhibition.

Wide support

The Danis Export Association, who is by far the strongest player, when it comes to marketing Danish products at home and abroad, now offers its members to participate at a big common stand at the Danish Maritime Fair 2020.

“The exhibition is the focal point of the Danish marine industry, where the players will meet across the value chain at theme-seminars, network-arrangements, and Danish Shipping reception”, as Ulrik Dahl, CEO of the Danish Export Association, writes in a letter to its members.

Chinese shipyard delegation

Ulrik Dahl  also states in his letter: “Our Shanghai office are organizing a Chinese shipyard delegation coming into Denmark in the same week as the fair. Participation in the Danish Export Asssociation’s common stand, at the Danish Maritime Fair 2020, includes participation in MatchMaking and networking meetings, and other activites of the delegation from China.

It’s a great pleasure

”We are very pleased, that a strong player as The Danish Export Association, have decided to back-up around The Danish Maritime Fair 2020”, says Rene Wittendorff, CEO at The Danish Maritime Fair, and he continues, “The fact that the fair coincides, with a delegation of Chinese shipyards visiting Denmark, is nothing short of fantastic. Both to the Danish Maritime Fair – and to the entire Danish maritime industry.”

Conferences and workshops

As tradition has it, there will be a number of maritime conferences, alongside the fair. MDC – Maritime Development Center – is hosting a daylong conference on the first day of the Danish Maritime Fair. Besides this, we are negotiating with Danish and foreign organizers, on the holding of several maritime conferences and workshops.

In addition, Maritime Denmark holds three additional conferences:

IMO Sulphur regulations

IMO’s new global sulphur regulations take effect on January 1st. The demands entail that ships are only allowed to use fuel, with a sulphur content of maximum 0.5 % – unless an onboard scrubber is installed.

There is already a great deal of uncertainty on, how the market price will evolve if the low sulphur fuel will be available in sufficient volumes, and the places of demand.

Another question will be, to what extent will the new regulations on sulphur be adhered to, and how strict will the authorities enforce the regulations.

The conference takes place 4 months after the new regulations have taken effect. Thus, it will be the first opportunity to create an overview over, how the regulations work in real life. To create this overview, we will introduce speakers from bunkering companies, shipping companies, authorities, and insurance institutions.

Invest in Shipping

Shipping is, as you well know, a cyclic industry, with great up- and downturns. It is difficult to assess, how the industry – and thus the companies that operate within it – will develop over the coming years. If you read the market correctly, there is a lot of money to be made, but getting it wrong may be very costly.

This conference will give you an insight into the market opportunities, that the shipping industry entails, from an investor’s point of view. We will introduce expert speakers from market analysts, big private and institutional investors and companies listed on the stock exchange.

The conference is directed at both the ordinary private investor, the pension funds and other institutional investors, that would like to investigate the opportunities within the Shipping industry.

The Energy transition

It is broadly understood, that the era of fossil fuel is coming to an end. New and more environmentally friendly types of fuel will take over. But this will not happen overnight, we will experience a gradual transition. This development is already in progress – but it contains a lot of unknown factors.

What kind of fuel would be your best bet: electricity, hydrogen, natural gas, ammonia, nuclear power?? The possibilities are many, and many more can be added. And the choice may differ from coastal waters to oceans.

The conference will give the participants an insight into where we are in the process right now – what kind of fuel can already be found at the marketplace, and what can be expected around the corner. What are the possibilities and the limitations of the individual forms of energy, and how best to tap into them?

The fifth edition of the international Danish Maritime Fair

The Danish Maritime Fair was founded in 2014, and it was held for the first time in October the same year. Subsequently, there have been trading shows in 2015, 2016 and most recently in 2018, after the fair changed to a format from every year to a 2-year interval, like most other international maritime trade fairs.

From 2020 the fair is back in Bella Center Copenhagen, where the first edition of the fair took place in 2014, but now in the much larger Hall H, which among other things. has its own distinctive entrance with a large foyer.

Bella Center Copenhagen

Access to the fair is excellent. Just outside the exhibition hall – Hall H – there is a very large parking area, a metro station, and several bus lines. The motorway access is just a few blocks away, and Copenhagen Airport is only a few minutes away by taxi or train.

The Danish Maritime Fair has entered into a multi-year agreement with Bella Center Copenhagen, which ensures that the maritime industry, also in the future, will be able to benefit from the great expertise in conducting international trade fairs, BC Hospitality Group has at its disposal.

Danish Maritime Fair 2020 stand sales off to a good start

The next edition of the Danish Maritime Fair takes place from May 13-14, 2020. The Fair is organized by Bella Center Copenhagen – Denmarks largest fair-organizer and owner of Scandinavia’s largest exhibition center. The first bookings for DMF 2020 have already been made, and both Danish and foreign exhibitors are on the list.

Søren Lindquist, Exhibition Manager at BC Hospitality Group, has the primary responsibility for the Danish Maritime Fair 2020:

– The stand sales are off to a good start. We held a kick-off meeting here at Bella Center Copenhagen at the end of March, and we have witnessed a great interest in the event, from both Danish and foreign companies, says Søren Lindquist

Swedish shipyard Oresund DryDocks were the very first to book a stand. The shipyard placed the order in connection with the kick-off meeting in March. With its location in Landskrona, Oresund DryDocks is very well-positioned in relation to the Danish market.

Maersk Training are amongst the Danish companies who have already booked a stand at the Fair. Maersk Training offers courses and training for a wide spectrum of the maritime segment.

Book a stand now
Jacob Ekstrøm, Sales & Relation Manager, BC Hospitality Group, who is in charge of day-to-day communication with the exhibitors says:

– Some of the companies I have spoken with have been a little surprised to receive a call this early. ‘The event is more than a year away’ – they say. Yes, it’s true. Now is the perfect time to place your order, so you can get exactly the location you want. Just make a reservation – you don’t need to buy or pay here and now. We really want exhibitors to book well in advance, so that we can start putting the big puzzle together – and have a great fair in 2020.

The fifth edition of DMF
This will be the fifth edition of the Danish Maritime Fair. The event was established in 2014 and was held in October the same year. The event was pushed forward that year, so that it could be part of the newly established Danish Maritime Days – a public supported private initiative, with the purpose of marketing Denmark as a maritime nation with strong competences.

The first Fair was held in Bella Center Copenhagen and was a great success. The Fair was then – just like the Danish Maritime Days – held the following two years. In 2018 the Fair was held in May, and now has two years in between the events.

From 2020, the Fair will again be held in Bella Center Copenhagen, where the Fair takes over the entire Hall H. Here, the Danish Maritime Fair will have its own distinctive entrance with a large foyer. Access opportunities to the Fair is outstanding – just outside the hall there is a large number of parking spaces, a metro station and a stop for several bus lines. The motorway access is a few blocks away, and the Copenhagen Airport is only a few minutes by taxi or train.

Hal H takes is very spacious. Is there a risk that it is too big for the Danish Maritime Fair?
– No, definitely not. We are excited about the fact that Hall H is so big, because it gives us the opportunity to build a fair that fits the requirements. We are able to stretch the exhibition in both ends like a harmonica, so that visitors always will experience a fair that has an intimate atmosphere ,says Søren Lindquist.
In order to make it even easier and more attractive to visit the Fair, free access for those already registered has been implemented.

Multi-annual agreement
The Danish Maritime Fair has entered into a multi-year agreement with Bella Center Copenhagen, which will enable the maritime trade fair to continue to benefit from the great expertise in hosting major events and fairs that BC Hospitality Group has, and the excellent framework that Scandinavia’s largest exhibition and conference center offers.

– We have 40 years of experience in hosting fairs and events, so we know the market really well, says Exhibition Manager Søren Lindquist.

– We are a full-service provider, that means that we have the framework, as well as what is needed to fill the frames, and we have our own hotel and metro just outside the door – therefore we are well prepared to take in exhibitors and guests from all over the world.

Conference and workshop track
In addition to the Fair, DMF will also have a concurrent conference and workshop track. Preparations for this have already begun, although it is still too early to announce topics and speakers.

– What we can say with certainty is that there will be a number of conferences and workshops during the two days. Everything will take place within the framework of Bella Center Copenhagen, says Martin Uhlenfeldt from Maritime Denmark, who is responsible for organizing the events.

– We will no longer host all day events. It is important that the Fair and the concurrent meeting activities are part of an interaction, where participants have enough time to visit the fair, and vice versa, that the exhibition participants have the opportunity to poke to attend the meetings, without having to spend entire days on it.

If you wish to reserve a stand at the Danish Maritime Fair 2020 please contact:

Jacob Ekstrøm
Sales & Relation Manager
BC Hospitality Group
M +45 81884844

For more information about the DMF 2020, feel free to contact:

Rene Wittendorff
Danish Maritime Fair
M +45 7020 4155

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