Address & Opening Hours


ADDRESS: Otto Bussesvej 5A,2450 København SV, Danmark

DATE: 25th to 27th October 2016

OPENING TIMES: 09:00-17:00


1) DGI Byen (Main Entrance, Ingerslevgade, backside of Copenhagen Central Station).

2) Tivoli Hotel

3) Hotel Copenhagen Island

4) Fair
Approx.Every 20 minutes

Entrance Fee: 150 DKK + VAT

WARDROBE: You will find the wardrobe on your left hand just after arriving at the hall – price DKK 25

REST ROOMS: There are rest rooms in the arrival room and in the far end of the main hall

CATERING: There is one large café where you will be able to purchase a selection of food and beverages
PARKING: Please note that you need to pay for parking your car in the entire area sorrounding the Fair