The Venue


THE VENUE – The Train Workshop

The area Otto Busses Vej – of which The Train Workshop (“Lokomotivværkstedet” in Danish) is a part of – is called “Centralværkstedet”.

The area is as big as 20 football fields and was previous a beach area. The construction of the buildings started in 1907 when train had been a central traffic artery in Denmark. The property – Centralværkstedet – was responsible for inspection of contemporary steam engines with 2 to 4 year intervals. In the most extensive overhaul was all locomotive components disassembled and checked by the many different workshops. A major overhaul could take up to 8 months.

Most of the employees in the central workshop were employed as civil servants. In 1945 there were approximately 1400 employees while today is about 50 men employed. After Lokomotivværkstedet has been empty for years, Copenhagen Venues saw unique opportunity to create a new and creative space in Copenhagen.