The Danish Port Conference 2016

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The Danish Port Conference about the challenges in modern shipping with ports in the center



9:00 Registration, Welcome and coffee.


9:40 Short Sea Shipping Initiative

10:00 Forwarder’s point of view

10:30 Analysis – costs involved in Short Sea Shipping

11:00 Official Opening of Danish Maritime Fair

Visit the Exhibition


12:00 Lunch


13:00 Short Sea Case: The relationship between port, transport centre and the Jutland corridor.

Nils Skeby, director of ADP A/S lays particular focus on how to further boost Short Sea Shipping

for the port by utilizing the potential and opportunities inherent in the relationship between

port, transport centre and the Jutland-corridor.

by / Director Nils Skeby, ADP A / S


13:25 Short Sea Case: Bulk on sea/track

Reloading goods in ports can optimize costs and perhaps move freight from congested


v / Jesper Holt Jensen, director Thyborøn


13:50 Short Sea Case: Short Sea Shipping: The route Zeebrugge – Hirtshals

It is possible to create new, but solutions require thinking in many


v / Jens kirketerp Jensen, CEO, Hirtshals






Date: October 25

Time: 09:00 – 17:00

Accessibility:Entrance fee


Organizer:Transportøkonomisk Forening – TØF

Name:Karen Boyd