danish maritime fair

Never before have so many visited Danish Maritime Fair

This year’s Danish Maritime Fair has already on the fair’s second opening day beaten all records compared to the fairs in 2014 and 2015. Never before have so many people chosen to visit Danish Maritime Fair, and many of them are foreigners.


“We can see that the number of exhibitors as well as the number of visitors have increased significantly. We can also see that the number of participators in the Danish Maritime Technology Conference has been doubled”, Peter Dan Petersen, Senior Manager at MAN Diesel & Turbo, says.


The number of visitors was already on Wednesday the highest number of visitors ever. 25 per cent of the visitors are, moreover, foreigners, which is also a new record.


Danish Maritime Fair is open today until 5 pm and tomorrow, Thursday, from 9 am to 5 pm in the Train Workshop in the southern part of Copenhagen.


The international maritime exhibition Danish Maritime Fair, which takes place in Copenhagen October 25th to 27th now reports all sold out. All conference rooms are booked, and finally the major networking dinner Wednesday night is also sold out.



It will be an exciting show this year. Substantial resources have been spent on developing the concept and on strengthening the unique profile of the Fair. Exhibition Manager Jakob Le Fevre says:

“In 2014, we had less than seven months to develop the fair. Selling the booths was about all we had time for. In 2015, we had the strategic partnerships in place, but we moved to a new location with logistical challenges and the timing was very unfortunate as Danish Maritime Days took place during the same week as Danfish in Aalborg. This year, we have had very good and constructive dialogues with both exhibitors and partners. We have listened to the feedback from the previous events and focus has been on the overall theme of the Fair: “It’s all about relations”. This means that we have created a structure that facilitates dialogue and communication and many relevant and exciting, professional and social, events. “


This year, the Fair presents 230 exhibitors, which is the highest number ever (find a complete list HERE)


Additionally, the Fair presents four national pavilions from Germany, Holland, Sweden and Finland, a Blue Career Lounge with 10 maritime educational institutions, Shipowners’ Lounge organized by the Danish Shipowners’ Association in cooperation with a wide range of Denmark’s largest shipowners and more than 30 events, workshops and conferences with Danish Maritime Technology Conference, organized by the Danish Maritime, as the Fair’s flagship. Participation in the Danish Maritime Technology Conference is free but requires prior registration (CLICK HERE)


Danish Maritime Fair has a large number of foreign exhibitors this year and this trend is also reflected in the visitor registrations. As many as 25% of the registered visitors (per 18-10-2016) are from abroad and by now, counting more than 50 different nationalities. Exhibition Manager Jakob Le Fevre elaborates, “We have studied all the individual registrations and I find them to be valid. We expect delegations from China, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Poland, Kenya, Singapore and the USA and we have increased the number significantly from those countries which organize pavilions. ”


The fair is open daily 09:00 to 17:00 and there are shuttle buses from Copenhagen Central Station (at DGI city) approximately every 20 minutes.


Visitor registration is open and the price is 150 kr. + VAT for accessing all three day. REGISTER HERE

Exhibition Manager Jakob le Fevre

Maritime Sales Alliance, USA

With nearly 20,000 km of coastline and 60,000 km of shoreline, the maritime industry continues to play a major role in the US as port activities account for 26 % of the economy.


The US domestic fleet boasts more than 40,000 vessels and the maritime share of US trade is projected to double by 2023 with industry related jobs currently representing approximately 23 million employed.


The Trade Council aims to create a sales focused Maritime Sales Alliance consisting of 3-5 Danish companies, with a primary focus on the aftermarket. Maritime target segments will include:


  • US Navy & Coast Guard
  • Cruise ships
  • Offshore Supply Vessels
  • Fishing fleet
  • River and barge transportation

“As part of the Maritime Sales Alliance, you will join forces with a small group of other Danish companies and the Trade Council’s Industry Expert to enter, or expand, your business in the US. We will develop and execute either a go-to-market, or market expansion strategy, depending on your current sales” explains trade Counsellor, Mr. Carsten Rosendahl


This new concept offers a very affordable access to the US maritime market with a strong focus on the sales of your products. In other words, using our expert provides you with the same advantages as hiring your own US based employee, but for a fraction of the cost. The Trade Council’s expert has extensive sales experience and in-depth knowledge of the US maritime market. And keep in mind that our mutual success is to increase your sales!

Trade Commissioner, Mr. Carsten Rosendahl will visit Danish Maritime Fair Wednesday 26th and Thursday 27th October.





PBES battery selected for Scandlines refit


Plan B Energy Storage, is the battery company selected for the recently announced refit of Scandlines Helsingør-Helsingborg vessels Tycho Brahe and Aurora to fully electric propulsion.
PBES, as the company is known, is a Trondheim, Norway based manufacturer of high power lithium energy storage with offices in Vancouver, Canada, Copenhagen, Denmark and Barcelona, Spain.


Installed as primary power in marine propulsion systems, the PBES system eliminates air pollution and diesel fuel consumption and significantly reduces operating expenses.

The most notable of many current, large projetcs is the recently announced Scandlines Helsingør-Helsingborg contract for two fully electric ferries. The system will be installed by ABB Finland as part of their newly derived DC grid technology and at 4.16MWh each, these vessels will be the largest fully electric vessels ever built, and will produce zero emissions.


“The reason for such rapid growth with such large industrial customers is twofold” says Grant Brown, Vice President Brand and Marketing, PBES, and explains:


1) Our reputation is one of integrity and experience. Our team has proven it can get the job done on time and on budget and then support the system to ensure reliability.


2) According to the validation team at Siemens, our product is 2-3 years ahead of anything else on the market. We have a number of innovations that are related to performance and safety that we believe make our system the only one in the world able to stop thermal runaway from occurring – even after it has already started. This is a very significant development since the Achilles heel of lithium energy storage has always been the tendency for it to have violent, uncontrollable exothermic reactions to overcharging or mechanical damage.


Learn more about PBES at DMF, Stand 0720 .

Aurora of Helsingborg
Aurora of Helsingborg
PBES Battery
PBES Battery

HRH Prince Joachim opens Danish Maritime Technology Conference

On October 26-27th Danish Maritime, for the third year in a row, hosts the technological summit – Danish Maritime Technology Conference – in Copenhagen for the international maritime industry, and once again with HRH Prince Joachim as the keynote speaker.

Where Prince Joachim in 2015 delivered the closing speech and visited a number of maritime companies at the fair, this year he will open the conference.

– Prince Joachim clear commitment means a lot to the Danish maritime companies, so that they can demonstrate to customers and partners that it is an important industry in Denmark with large national attention, says Managing. Director Jenny N. Braat, Danish Maritime .

This year, Danish Maritime Technology Conference will focus on an industry in rapid change. The maritime industry is entering a new technological revolution, the digitization of the worlds fleet, Big Data, 3D printing and rethinking of business models that require technological expertise. At the same time, the historically large world fleet is maintained and updated in line with stricter environmental requirements. Danish Maritime and Danish equipment suppliers will present and discuss technologies, ship design, regulation and total solutions for future shipping.

Prince Joachim’s knowledge of and commitment to the maritime world and technological innovation is reflected in patronage, for among other things, the training ship Danmark, Wadden Sea Center, Fjord & Belt, the Danish Competition “Young Scientists”, Danish Society for Education and Business (DSEB) and the National Technical Museum.

Prince Joachim has great knowledge of global shipping from his time as an employee of A. P. Moller – Maersk Group respectively in Hong Kong and France in the period 1993-1995, which had the aim of achieving a broad business experience in addition to his agricultural background. Prince Joachim is also an army reserve colonel.

Danish Maritime Technology Conference is held in Lokomotivværkstedet in Copenhagen with support from the Danish Maritime Fund.

H.K.H Prince Joachim at DMF 2015, here with Chariman, Danish Maritime, Thomas S. Knudsen and Managing Director, Danish Maritime Jenny N. Braat.

Perfectly mixed lubrication oil – Maersk Fluid Technology in DMF

With the concept Blending-On-Board lubrication, Maersk Fluid Technology has succeeded in mixing cylinder lubricant so precisely that the consumption of lubricating oil on board can be reduced by up to 40 percent. Meanwhile, the system oil is regularly freshened up, it keeps the engine more clean and reduce energy-related friction. The latest news is a small blender, B500 targeting small 2-stroke engines.

By Finn Bruun

At the fair, Maersk Fluid Technology will present their future proof Blending-on-Board (BOB) mixing concept for 2-stroke engines, while launching a new blender targeting ships equipped with smaller 2-stroke engines.

It’s all about how to mix the cylinder oil in exactly the ratio that gives the desired effect – without paying for features you do not need. The BOB system was originally developed for Maersk’s own ships to address challenges with high cylinder oil consumption and cold-corrosion, but today it is also being used in other fleets. Last year, Maersk Fluid Technology added the B1000 to their SEA-Mate product line targeting medium-sized 2-stroke engines, to target as many types of ships as possible.

The first major order is about retrofitting 12 tankers from Maersk Tankers. Maersk Tankers explains that before they made the investment they took into consideration that the payback time was less than two years, after taking fuel savings and fuel savings into account.

In connection with the Danish Maritime Fair, the B500 model will be introduced and will target small engines. With the introduction of the “little new” there is a product range covering all 2-stroke engines from MAN Diesel and Wärtsilä / WinGD.


Sales Manager of Maersk Fluid Technology, Sune Lilbæk, explains that you traditionally lubricate the engine’s cylinders with cylinder oil containing a fixed amount of acid-neutralizing chemicals:

– In order to neutralize all the acid which is formed during the combustion and comes into contact with the liner in aqueous form, you adjust the amount of the lubricating oil – the more sulfur is in the oil burned, the more the cylinder oil is added. On many ships you can switch between two oils, and in recent years we have seen oils with higher neutralization capabilities (BN) – especially after cold-corrosion has become a recognized challenge. But often there is a need to increase the amount of lubricating oil to protect against unwanted corrosion – or else you end up paying for properties in the lubricating oil, which are really not needed.

Sune Lilbæk indicates that with the concept, it is possible to reduce the cylinder lubricating oil to the recommended minimum limit by mixing the lubricating oil, so its ability to neutralize acid matches the amount of sulfur that is in the oil. This can reduce the amount of system and cylinder lube oil that is consumed by up to 50% – thus reducing the cost of the lubricating oil greatly. Studies as well as practice has shown that not only is it possible to reduce consumption – the blended oil is competitively priced compared to the use of commercially available oil such as BN100, a conventional cylinder oil.

Lubrication by engine builder’s minimum recommendation also means avoiding unwanted deposits on the cylinder liners, piston rings and piston crowns which reduces wear of these components considerably.



There are results of 200 initial installations, showing that it is possible to obtain a lubrication very close and almost as low as factory recommended consumption.


Sune Lilbæk talks about the benefits of BOB in relation to the system oil:


– Blending-On-Board is based on the fact that you have a cylinder-oil with high acid neutralization number (BN figures) and dilutes this with system oil from the main engine so the BN figure matches the amount of sulfur in the oil. You have then created a consumption of system oil that is otherwise rarely changed. The fresh system oil has the originally intended viscosity and a better ability to keep the engine, filters, and clean components. The lower viscosity of the system oil is documented to provide fuel savings of between 0.5 and 1.5% and greatly reduce energy consumption for cleaning the system oil. The fresh oil also results in reduced costs for maintenance of the system-oil separators.


The system has been tested by both MAN and Wärtsilä.

Visit Maersk Fluid Technology’s online savings calculator on http://www.maerskfluid.com/index.php.calcu


Come and join us for the opening of the Danish Maritime Fair, accompanied by the Navy Tambur Corps


The opening will take place in Main Deck

Tuesday October 25th 2016

11:30 to 12:00


Troels Lund Poulsen,

Minister of Business and Growth


Anne H. Steffensen, Managing Director,

Danish Shipowners’ Association


Jenny N. Braat, Managing Director,

Danish Maritime


Bjørn B. Christiansen, Managing Director,

Danish Ports


Registration is not required.

The Navy Tambur Corps is the Navy’s best Orchestra – and the only one!


The evolution from a traditional marching band to a brass inspired orchestra started around 1964, which means that the orchestra now has over 50 years of experience.


Until 2002, the orchestra consisted of 9 permanent employed musicians supplemented by a number of conscripts. Today there are 35 on permanent contracts until the age of 35. Virtually every weekend is used to practice playing and singing, marching and attending tatooos at the old naval base at Holmen.


Tambur Major Martin Dolleris conducts the orchestra for more than 100 concerts throughout the year. Peter Harbeck who joined the band in 2010 is musically responsible. The daily leader of the orchestra is Senior Sergeant Anders Rasmussen.


WENDIS launch at DMF

WENDIS is the abbreviation for Weilbach Nautical Digitized Information System. It consists of a series of software developed to enhance the administration of data on board and to ensure that you are up to date in all ways.

We are happy to get the opportunity to show more of WENDIS


Demonstration: Wendis Weather, PAYS, Planner and Viewer.

Come join us for snacks and drinks while getting introduced our WENDIS products

Date: Wednesday 26th October

Time: 15:00-17:00

Location. Speaker’s Corner

Wärtsila news 2

The Latest and the Greatest from Wärtsilä at DMF

Wärtsilä is a global leader in advanced technologies and complete lifecycle solutions for the marine and energy markets.  The company is Danish Maritime Fair Silver Sponsor 2016 and will present the latest news in automation and brigde control at the Fair.

Presentations at Stand 0855 everyday at 14:00:

Wärtsilä Danmark


Speaker: Leif Abildgaard, Sales Manager, Newbuilding

The newly released W31-engine from Wärtsilä is not just another diesel engine with a reduced fuel consumption. The whole concept of engine design and operation has been altered to meet performance that has earned the engine the Guinness book of World Records in most efficient 4-stroke engine. Come and hear more about the engine and what it can do for your company profits.

Wärtsilä Svanehøj


Speaker: Hans Høyer Jensen,
Sales Director Wärtsilä Svanehøj

The newly introduced Wärtsilä Svanehøj LNG Fuel pump is specifically designed to make the operation of LNG Fuel Gas Handling Systems on board all type of vessels safe. The new “3 Service Area Concept” is based on our experience from 40 years of making pumps for Cryogenic pumps and Wärtsilä Svanehøj has over 5,000 Deep Well Cargo pumps on board Gas Carriers. Come a visit us for a more in-depth talk and see this new pump at our stand.

Wärtsilä Lyngsø Marine

Speaker: Christian Skytte, Sales Manager

The Wärtsilä NACOS Platinum series of navigation, automation and control systems has been updated to include a number of new functions. Among the most interesting of the new functions is the new Route Planning Feature, which takes into account weather and sea conditions to provide route and power optimisation and therefore, notable fuel savings.

Wärtsilä Svanehøj LNG FUEL PUMPS

Debate on container feeder ports of the future – are we prepared?

Hosted by Port of Kalundborg

Debate on container feeder ports of the future – are we prepared?

– followed by networking and tasting of some of the best Danish wines

At a time when the requirements for the effective container feeder port are skyrocketing, Port of Kalundborg hosts a debate, which aims to open up a constructive dialogue, and highlight the conditions, needs and circumstances for future container feeder ports.


Hear MP and Ports and Sustainability Spokesperson, Lea Wermelin (S), Mogens Røigaard, COO at Ancotrans, Bent Rasmussen, Managing Director of Port of Kalundborg and Ebbe Bisgaard, Country Manager at Unifeeder discuss the following topics:


– What does the future look like for the Danish container feeder ports?

– What trends are seen in the market and what parameters will be guiding the future?

– How does the development comply with environmental concerns?

– And what actions should be taken, by the transport industry and the politicians, to meet the development and create the best possible framework that enables the Danish container feeder ports to contribute to growth, development and job creation?


Everybody with an interest in this topic are welcome. There will be an opportunity for the audience to actively take part in the debate, which will be held in Danish.



The debate is followed by socializing and networking, accompanied by tasting of some of the best Danish wines from Dyrehøj vineyard on Røsnæs at Kalundborg.


So drop by Stand 1200, Port of Kalundborg, Wednesday 26 October at 13.30. It will be exciting, inspiring – and ‘hyggeligt’!.

Lea Wermelin
MP Lea Wermelin
Mogens Røjgaard,
Mogens Røjgaard, COO Ancotrans

Shanghai Lingang Marine Science Park exhibits at DMF

Shanghai Lingang Marine Science Park (SHMSP) is honored to exhibit in Danish Maritime Fair (DMF) in the name of Shanghai Lingang Marine High-tech Industry Development Co.,Ltd.

SHMSP is a state-level marine science park which is located in Lingang , Pudong new area, Shanghai, China, close to the Shanghai Pudong airport , Shanghai Maritime University, Shanghai Ocean University.


With a current construction area of 157,000 square meters and more area to be expanded, SHMSP is designed to better serve corporate offices, R&Ds, pilot projects, start-up businesses, sales offices and small-scale assembly capabilities buildings. SHMSP has been attracting a growing number of companies specializing in marine engineering, ship design, special ship management, marine equipment, ocean research, industrial robot, and other industry sectors.


This time there are 9 members from SHMSP delegate attending DMF, coordinated by International Ship & Offshore Media China who is registered and operated in SHMSP.


The delegate members are excited to show up in the event in the maritime tradition city Copenhagen. They anticipate making new friends or connections in the event’s online and offline activities.


SHMSP is forging an active industry cluster with focus on marine science and ocean technologies. Being well located in Shanghai and performing as an idea gateway to vast China market, it welcomes overseas companies and organizations to visit and explore the opportunity potential there.

Lingang Park


Shanghai Lingang Marine Science Park

Website: www.shmsp.com

Mr. Yan Hui

Email: yanhui@shmsp.com



International Ship & Offshore Media China

Website: www.ishipoffshore.com

Mr. Bob Li


Phone: +86- 21-54362186


Prestigious opening of Danish Maritime Fair 2016

Danish Minister of Business and Growth, Mr. Troels Lund Poulsen will, in cooperation with the Director General and CEO of the Danish Shipowners’ Association, Anne H. Steffensen, Executive Manager of Danish Maritime, Cecilie Lykkegaard and CEO of Danish Ports, Bjørn B. Christiansen, officially open the Danish Maritime Fair 2016.

It will be both a prestigious and festive event when the official opening of the Danish Maritime Fair takes place on Tuesday 25th October at 11:30 to 12:00, followed by an open reception at the Shipowners’ Lounge, a new initiative by the Danish Shipowners’ Association.


The minister of the maritime industry, Minister for Business and Growth Mr. Troels Lund Poulsen will, along with Anne H. Steffensen, Cecilie Lykkegaard and Bjørn B. Christiansen welcome exhibitors and the visitors at the Fair, which this year has gathered more than 200 exhibitors in The Train Workshop in Copenhagen’s South Harbour.


Again this year, the Royal Danish Navy Band will provide a festive prelude to the official opening. The band will march through the exhibition hall and entertain until the official opening speeches begin.


To give both exhibitors and visitors the opportunity to attend the official opening at 11:30, the doors to the exhibition open at 9 am.


Danish Maritime Fair, which is Denmark’s first international maritime trade show, takes place this year for the third time.

Erhvervs- og vækstminister Troels Lund Poulsen (V)
Danish Minister of Business and Growth, Mr. Troels Lund Poulsen . Photo: Jens Astrup

Air France KLM – truly dedicated to the Global Energy and Maritime industry


For years, Air France and KLM have been highly dedicated to the global maritime industry, with focus on seaman’s travel. Special attention and development of solutions that have supported the marine crewing industry have put Air France KLM in to its leading global position.


In recent years these specialist concepts have been expanded to also cover specialist travel to offshore installations within the oil and gas industry.

As a new initiative and general recognition that alternative renewable energy projects are increasingly going to play an important role on the future energy scene, Air France KLM has now expanded their eligibility of travel, besides OIL & GAS, to cover the following business segments, under one tag: “Green Energy” for the following category of projects:


• Solar

• Wave Power

• Biomass

• Wind

• Hydro

• Geothermal


Not only for OFFSHORE projects, but also ONSHORE, with eligibility for technical and duty travellers following a simple set of rules. It is important to note, that this eligibility also cover sub contractors.


So what makes these fares so special, set aside that they are rather competitive on the pricing and only distributed through specialist travel agencies, such as ATPI Griffinstone, the tickets are available as ONE WAY, FULLY FLEXIBLE, FULLY REFUNDABLE, EXPANDED LUGGAGE ALLOWANCE..in other words, a specialist ticket that allows for a greater level of easy planning for the traveller and high priority from the airline.


Come and see us at the ATPI Griffinstone / Air France at Danish Maritime Fair, stand 0400 and learn more about these specialist products available through ATPI Griffinstone.


Contact: Kim Frost Fuglsang M.D./ Head of New Business Development Nordics. Email. kim.fuglsang@atpi.com, M +45 2048 9915

Danish Maritime Fair takes place 25-27 October, Copenhagen. www.danishmaritimefair.dk.


Low Oil Prices & LNG

Low Oil Prices and LNG:  Supporting the LNG Infrastructure development in the Baltic Sea Region IS.

Even before oil prices began to fall last year, the development of the necessary LNG infrastructure faced significant challenges, and for the foreseeable future the ongoing LNG infrastructure development will encounter rough seas. While the long-term economic fundamentals remain sound for the LNG expansion, additional measures are needed to boost the continuous development of both the LNG infrastructure and the LNG value chain in the region.


During this half-day seminar, we will be looking into actions supporting the continuous LNG development in the Baltic Sea Region by exploring innovations to open up new markets and adding on new end-users to the existing infrastructure.


13.00: Welcome by/ Moderator Jan Boyesen, Maritime Development Center of Europe

13:10 LNG distribution in BSR by/ Jonas Kimontas, Project manager Klaipedos nafta

13.30 LNG for Inland Waterways and Inland Cargo Transportation by/ Manfred Seitz, General Manager, Pro Danube Management GmbH

13.50: Utilization of LNG cooling energy by/ Marius Arkusauskas, Director, Western Baltic Engineering

14.10: LNG trucks in Central Europe – collected experience and perspectives by/ Karol Wieczorek, Regional Manager, Cryogas M&T Poland

14.30 LNG Powered Port Equipment by/ Kone Cranes, (TBC)


14.50 Coffee break


15.20: LNG – the future of tanker shipping? by/ Jens P. Buchhave, Managing Dirctor, TernTank

15.40: Bio LNG: Maritime fuel of the future? CO2 neutral, based on local supply chain and creating local jobs by/ Søren Steensgaard, Technical Director, Samsø Municipality

16.00: Vos Logistics LNG experience By/Anne Marie Timmermans, LNG Project Manager, Vos Logistics

16.20: Discussions

17.00 End of workshop


PLEASE REGISTER HERE: http://www.conferencemanager.dk/lowoilpricesandlng



EnviSuM Learning Café at DMF

Invitation to:


• What are the new business opportunities in SECA?
• How do we monitor compliance?
• What are the pros and cons of different technical abatement technologies?
• And what are the health and environmental effects?

These are the central questions to be discussed during the EnviSuM Learning Café held during the Danish Maritime Days 2016. The Learning Café is a stakeholders forum for the maritime industry. The target groups are producers and vendors of maritime equipment and services, ship-owners, authorities, researchers as well as maritime organisations.

During the Learning Café there will be 4 discussion tables on the topics:


• New business opportunities related to sulphur reduction

• Technical performance of different abatement technologies

• SOx compliance monitoring

• Health and environment – socio economic effects of SECA


Read more about the topics here

Jan Boyesen, Project Manager, EnviSuM


“…The SECA regulation creates technical challenges and increased costs for the shipping industry, especially when the global cap will be implemented in 2020-2025. On the other hand, SECA can also become a platform for innovation and business development. – What are the new business opportunities in SECA? How do we monitor compliance? What are the pros and cons of different technical abatement technologies? And which are the health and environmental effects? These are some of the questions that will be discussed by central maritime players during the EnviSuM learning café…”

Market Trends, Challenges & Possibilities in Danish Maritime & Offshore Sector.

Market Trends, Challenges & Possibilities in Danish Maritime & Offshore Sector.


ORGANIZER: Befragterklubben, Børsen, Media-Partners & Maritimebusiness.dk

VENUE: Conference Room Radio Station

DAY: Wednesday 26th

TIME: 10:00 – 12.00

What logistical challenges and opportunities are Danish transport trade and production companies facing, when it comes to shipping products globally?

Through a few business cases we describe:

• Tanker- and bulk carrier freight marked forecasts: Facts or Fiction ?
• Spot trends in the agro-markets. Short-term commodity market changes provide commercial opportunities for Danish dry bulk operators.
• Offshore – Market development with opportunities both in oil/gas and in the wind.
• Exploiting competitive logistics solutions in the international market, how can Danish companies create growth and development?
• Innovation is the keyword to survive the current challenges in the market. How do you earn money on innovation?

Trends in the maritime sector • Maritime Innovation and Development • Climate-friendly solutions • Offshore Industry challenges in the global market

The seminar is free to attend and delegate places can be booked at http://www.danishmaritimedays.com/register/

ATPI Griffinstone to showcase latest duty of care solutions at DMF


ATPI Griffinstone, part of the ATPI Group, the leading travel management company for the shipping, energy, and offshore sector, will be attending the Danish Maritime Fair taking place in Copenhagen from 25 – 27 October 2016.

The Danish Maritime Fair is a major event in the shipping industry calendar and this year ATPI Griffinstone will be demonstrating the latest enhancements to its duty of care service including the Employee Tracking System (ETS). ATPI Griffinstone has developed new features to its ETS to ensure that clients can provide the highest level of duty of care to their employees, allowing access to real-time data that is available 24/7, based on enquiry.


The technology offers ATPI clients a host of benefits including access to detailed pre-trip and en-route travel data, enabling the user to review traveller destinations and research security and health information on a case-by-case basis, to ensure employees are fully prepared before they travel. If a situation arises, the system can report passenger location to identify travellers who are due to arrive in the affected country, or are already at that destination. One of the latest features of ETS is an interactive map showing traveller population density so that you can see instantly if you have employees in a specific area.


Kim Frost Fuglsang, managing director Denmark, ATPI Griffinstone said:

“Companies must ensure they have the adequate systems in place to deliver a robust duty of care programme to employees. Our portfolio of specialist technologies enables our clients to monitor traveller data in real time, so that we can respond as required, across our global network to make any necessary changes to the complex travel requirements in the shipping, energy and offshore sector. We are looking forward to attending the Danish Maritime Fair to share our expertise and learn more from our industry peers.”

For more information event delegates can meet the ATPI Griffinstone team on stand 0400, where there will be a prize draw in partnership with Air France/ KLM.


The ATPI Group has over 100 offices worldwide and has successful operations for corporate travel, specialist services for shipping, energy, and offshore industries, sports and corporate event management. The company is at the forefront of travel technology development including online booking, system integration and data analytics.


For more information please visit www.atpi.com

ATPI Travel
ATPI Flight

Strong Swedish presence at DMF

Karina Linnér, CEO of Svenskt Marintekniskt Forum, explains Sweden’s interest in DMF and what has led to the decision of contributing with their own national pavilion.


– Of course, we wish to attract customers, not only for the companies in the Swedish maritime industry but also for the Swedish education and training institutions.

– Chalmers Campus, for instance, has customized courses and I expect that they would also be interested in meeting new, potential customers. In this case, the Danish Maritime Fair as a good place to do so.


Generally, Sweden shows an increasing interest in the maritime industry.


– Recently, we completed a study of companies, subcontracting to the ferries; outfitters, equipment and so forth. In a period of 15 years, i.e. since 2000, we see an average annual growth rate of seven percent. It’s really quite a lot, stresses Karina Linnér.


– The companies are offensive and the Swedish trademarks are well known. Even though they primarily do not compete on the price, Danish companies do not as well, market share and price-wise, they are talented. The Swedish ship-owners have not for a long time had any new-buildings, so customers have very much been the international ship-owners.


– The cooperation is considerable, and there is a sense of shared ownership, between Danish and Swedish companies, and I think we feel a great interest in being present in Denmark because it is almost considered to be a ‘domestic’ marked, says Karina Linnér, who finds that this is a deciding factor for Swedish companies interested in the fair.


– The pavilion will present a broad selection within the industry. Svenskt Marintekniskt Forum organizes such an event because it is appreciated amongst the companies. Furthermore, a national pavilion illustrates strength. It also helps keeping costs down. Sweden offers no export subsidies hence the companies bear the costs and therefore also determines a budget for the event, she says.

– Also competing Swedish companies are exhibiting at the Fair. Just as in the Danish regional pavilions, the Swedes see the advantages in forming a united front. It is all about meeting the customers!

Svenskt Marintekniskt Forum also organizes the Swedish pavilion at SMM in Hamburg and we have also been invited by Norshipping to arrange a Swedish exhibition pavilion next summer. And we will do so, says Karina Linnér.



Diversified pavilion


Eva Errestad, Svenskt Marintekniskt Forum Project Developer, reports that the Swedish pavilion is a broad mix of different types and sizes of companies:


– We have, for example, a very interesting exhibitor, MarSafe; a small and newly established and innovative company that shows a new type of storage box for life jackets. It opens automatically when in contact with water.


– It is a product which has just been launched and tested by the Swedish marine and which has been found to work very well. The idea is to prevent a situation such as the one by the Estonia incident, where boxes with life jackets floated unopened in the water while there was a strong need for them, she says, adding:


– They show this product in DMF because they feel that it is the right event for them to kick-off the new product. We are delighted to have them on board in the pavilion.


– The marine engineering company, FKAB also joins us and they were among the first to register because they have many Danish customers.


Although not exhibiting in the Pavilion but rather in the education area of the fair, we also have the Linné University Sjöfarthögskolen and Chalmers University, both of which have training; basic training programs and Chalmers that has a more professional audience for those already employed in the shipping industry, says Eva Errestad.


– I know that the Swedish educational programs have a pretty good reputation in Denmark. Therefore, I invited them to participate at the fair, which seems to have a new and slightly stronger launch than last time. For us, it seemed to form a good basis for a strong Swedish representation, she said.


– We wanted to have both the stronger, and established companies such as e.g. FKAB as well as new innovative small businesses represented together with educational institutions. In addition, and in cooperation with the Swedish Maritime Administration, Sjöfartverket, we are looking into the possibilities of exhibiting the project STM Validation. This also brings a good angle to the event. We also have the project Green Pilot plus Stena Ro / Ro, Marine Floc etc.


– All in all, we believe we have a good mix this year, between established companies, the new-comers and training along with projects demonstrating the innovative edge that we have in Sweden, she says, and mentions that the initiative has been well received in Sweden and is expected to reach a total of approx. 10 exhibitors.


Some of our exhibitors have also booked slots for presentations and will host a workshop with Green Ship network concerning 3D printing


– We hope that this will be a kick-off for DMF. Therefore, it is also a strategic move on our part to give a strong first impression at the fair. An impression, we can build on in the coming years, says Eva Errestad.

More time for the visitors


Sales manager Kristofer Ericsson, Marinefloc says:


– We are very pleased to exhibit at the Danish Maritime Fair for the first time and have expectations of what the show has evolved to since our first visit to the event in 2014. Obviously, the Danish market is important for us, not only because Denmark is one of the largest shipping countries in Europe, but also because the Danes both have and maintain a good environmental standard. Hence, the exhibition is a good place to observe how the market develops, and who is coming or not coming.


– We always bring our exhibition bus, which is our mobile showcase. We have live demonstrations of our products; bilge water separator, sewage treatment systems and the original Whitebox. So we are pleased that DMF has been kind enough to let us park at the entrance, says Kristofer Ericsson, who points to the fact that DMF is smaller than Norshipping and SMM, which might result in less “noise” and hopefully people might stay longer by each stand, enabling the exhibitors to give a good presentation.


Fuel Optimization and well-being


Sales manager Tor Järnberg, FKAB Marine Design, says:


– From the fair, we expect to increase the contact with the Danish shipping companies and potential customers, while exposure to Danish customers will, hopefully, give us a chance to meet as many as possible.


– Although we have previously visited the Fair, this is the first time we exhibit at DMF. Now we have decided to participate on the Swedish pavilion through Svenskt Marintekniskt Forum.


Article by Finn Bruun

Funen Aims High

Funen Aims High

One of the overall foot prints of the Danish Maritime Fair this year is the Funen maritime pavilion where the cluster not only shows the achievements of a number of prominent and innovative blue enterprises from Funen, but also gives a strong picture of the regional capabilities.


Troels J. Ankerstjerne, Business Developer Funen Maritime Cluster, part of the Developing Funen, says:


– We are wide range of companies on Funen, that all relate to the maritime environment. When someone creates a maritime exhibition in Denmark, we need to be present – both as a cluster and as companies. We need to present ourselves in a positive light, and when we have the opportunity to do so in a shared pavilion such as this, the project is definitely worth supporting. We have done so since 2014. This way, we show just how many companies in Funen that have something to offer


– I know that there have been challenges, but it is difficult to start up such an exhibition from scratch, and I believe that we, as a development company with clear maritime interests, must take part. Our companies find participation in the Fair really positive, even though some may previously have lacked something. Patience is required.


– We call ourselves Funen Maritime Cluster because we have 200 maritime companies on Funen.When the market is under pressure as it is now, then comes innovation. People are forced to look at other means or new products, solutions or new collaborations where two-three companies team up and find common solutions covering a wider market or broader ranges of products to cover the market.


Compete and cooperate


– For us, it is important to support the participating companies in getting their message out in the press and in being visible on a fair such as this. The cluster is the hub. It is the companies we are promoting, he says and mentions that the cooperation in clusters work well even among competing companies.


– Even in competition there will always be niches or markets, where one company is stronger than the other and one can help the other move forward. Furthermore, there might be complementary products that can fill a gap. We clearly see that they use each other in such ways as well, says Troels Ankerstjerne.


Air lifts fuel economy


Tuco Marine in Faaborg is among the exhibitors at this year’s Danish Maritime Fair. Director Jonas Pedersen, Tuco, is looking forward to the fair:


– We did get some contacts last year, with whom we are still in contact and continuously work with, but besides that we must say that we see no direct payoff in terms of actual orders. However, we do find it important to support that we in Denmark have a professional maritime exhibition and a meeting place, which we have not had before. Danish Maritime Fair is indeed a step forward, and we believe that it is important that we, as a representative of the industry show our support and are present. Being part of a cluster is also a way to be part of the community, says Jonas Pedersen, who for Tuco’s case is excited to present its Pro Zero series of fast workboats:


– We bring some exciting items and just before fair, we will release the news of the sea trials we have made based on a newly developed product; an ASV work boat that shows very attractive fuel savings based on a technology where compressed air is trapped under the hull, he said.


Fayard: Looking forward to active dialogues


– We present our facilities and we would also like to present our mindset, but this is difficult to show on a board. Such things are communicated between people and this is why we are here says Ivan S. Larsen, Fayard.

– Being a shipyard makes it difficult to bring and show our facilities. We must show our presence as an eye catcher and therefore, we have no need of a large stand. Mostly, it is about presence.

– We also exhibited the last year and my expectations for this year is that there will be more visitors, and that the shipowners in Copenhagen and the nearby countries will make use of the fair. I hope that the Danish Maritime Days activities will take place more or less in the same location and not all over the city. This will allow more visitors at the fair and where we are available – including” speed dating” and the like instead of simply presenting technology.


Dampa: International Focus


Sales manager Lars Stokholm Dampa says:

– Our expectation is that being together at the fair as Funen maritime cluster will show a slightly stronger image externally. Our aim is creating good relations with other companies, e.g. Danish suppliers. This is the idea of the cluster; that we can draw on each other’s experiences. We all gather information from around the world and the more we share the better.

– Generally, we would like to raise the flag and show the customers at the show our ceilings, our news and the various possibilities in our products, he says and elaborates:


– The news we bring is primarily on surfaces where we have seen great development during the past two-three years. More and more we supply to cruise ships, where the demands are increasing. We need to keep up – from traditional surface to laminate, fabric surfaces, leather, or whatever else customers want.


Dampa values that there is an international maritime exhibition in Denmark.


– Denmark is not our largest market, but we hope to meet new customers as well as meeting existing ones to show that we are still active with new initiatives

Article By Finn Bruun

Danish Shipowners’ Association at DMF 16

Danish Shipowners150x60

This year, the Danish Maritime Fair takes place for the third time and the exhibition attracts exhibitors and visitors from all over the world. One of the new initiatives is Shipowners’ Lounge, where – in addition to meeting representatives from the Danish shipping companies – visitors can test their knowledge of Danish shipping and learn about the Danish shipping solutions to environmental and climate challenges.


“The past two years the Danish Maritime Fair proved an interesting hub during the Danish Maritime Days. This year, Shipowners ‘Association has decided to participate with its own lounge, “says Anne H. Steffensen, Managing. Director of the Danish Shipowners’ Association.


Tuesday, October 25:


11:30: Official opening of the Danish Maritime Fair with speeches by, among others, Anne H. Steffensen, Managing. Director of the Danish Shipowners’ Association.

12-13: Opening reception of the Shipowners’ Lounge. Everybody is welcome at the opening reception, the Danish Shipowners’ Association offers a snack and a chance to network.

During the day, visitors may also meet representatives from e.g.:

• Clipper

• Nordic Tankers

• Maersk Line

• Maersk Maritime Technology



Wednesday, October 26:


During the day, visitors may also meet representatives from e.g.:


• Clipper

• Maersk Maritime Technology

• Nordics

• Nordic Tankers


Thursday, October 27:


During the day, visitors may also meet representatives from e.g.:


• Maersk Line



• Nordic Tankers


Danish Maritime Fair 2016 takes place from Tuesday 25th October to Thursday, October 27th , daily open 9-17. The fair takes place in Lokomotivværkstedet, Copenhagen.


Source: Shipowners ‘Association

Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement joins DMF


Adding to the German Pavilion, we proudly announce the participation of Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement.

Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement (BSM) is an integrated maritime solutions leader, with a strong heritage spanning more than 130 years in the shipping industry, and trusted as a partner by responsible and demanding customers worldwide.


Managing a fleet of 600 vessels, 20,000 employees enable the delivery of safe, reliable and efficient ship management services through a network of wholly-owned ship management, crew service and maritime training centres in over 40 locations around the world.


About taking part in Danish Maritime Fair, Mr Jan Warmke, MD of Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement, Germany says:


“ We are excited to take part in the Danish Maritime Fair and look forward to presenting the services of Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement and its client-oriented, tailor-made IT systems to the public. The Danish Maritime Fair is an outstanding opportunity to meet partners, competitors and clients and to exchange views, opinions and experiences. It is great to be part of that.”


The Danish Maritime Fair opens the door in less than two months; 25-27th October. View the updated hallplan here

Visumservice assists foreign visitors

VS-immigration.eps (1)

Danish Maritime Fair joins forces with Visumservice to attract even more foreign visitors.

Danish Maritime Fair, Jakob le Fevre says:

“Being a relatively new exhibition that expands in an international industry, we see it as extremely important to attract visitors from countries all over the world. Coming from countries not included in the international cooperation’s, the process of applying for visa can be both long and arduous. Therefore, we believe that it is important, strategically, to help our guests through the visa application process to make it as simple and fast as possible.
Visumservice offers the entire package and take care of everything in the process, simple and flexible. We are therefore very satisfied with the cooperation and look forward to a good exhibition together.”

Visumservice, Martin Grønbæk Mejnertz states:

“As a part of the Danish Maritime Fair you can be sure to get in touch with some of the biggest and most promising upcoming companies in the current Danish maritime sector. Danish Maritime Fair is a great concept that presents and combines the maritime sector in Denmark and we feel that it is important to support the event.
We are very glad to be a part of the roundup for this year’s Danish Maritime Fair and this year we will present a new product that helps companies getting expertise to the Nordic countries (Schengen- visa). Just reach out towards our immigration office. We are ready to help you with business visa to Schengen area.”

Kenya Maritime Authority to visit DMF 16

The Kenya Maritime Authority is attending the Fair with the aim of learning about the latest trends in the global maritime/shipping industry and networking with industry players. The team visiting is part of a Strategy Working Group of KMA and they believe that the knowledge and information they will attain from their attendance to the Fair will contribute positively towards the Authority’s efforts in advancing the Blue Economy in Kenya as well as in disseminating information about the maritime sector to improve public participation in shipping/maritime businesses in Kenya.

About KMA

Kenya Maritime Authority (KMA) was set up in June 2004 as the semi-autonomous agency in charge of regulatory oversight over the Kenyan maritime industry. Maritime safety and security is one of the Authority’s core functions. As the pacesetter of the Kenyan maritime industry, KMA strives to strengthen national maritime administration through enhancement of regulatory and institutional capacities for safety and security, fostering effective implementation of international maritime conventions and other mandatory instruments on safety & security, promoting maritime training, coordinating Search and Rescue operations, preventing marine pollution and promoting preservation of the marine environment as well as promoting trade facilitation and maritime investments.


Kenya is reinventing itself as a major maritime nation in the East African region and globally by amalgamating its resources towards the realization of a vibrant maritime sector and Blue economy. The Government through the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure is committed to facilitating the transformation of the maritime sector into a key driver for wealth and job creation in the country.

The Team

The team attending the Danish Maritime Fair 2016 constitute Michelle Wanga (Public Relations & Customer Services), Josephine Nthia (Maritime Safety- Seafarers Welfare) and Salim Muslih (Information Technology). Michelle Wanga and Josephine Nthia are graduates of the World Maritime University, Sweden.


Created in 1828 Bureau Veritas is a global leader in Testing, Inspection, Certification (TIC) and Marine & Offshore Classification services. Worldwide Bureau Veritas has a revenue of 4.6 billion euros and employs 66,000 people in 140 countries. Bureau Veritas classifies 13,345 ships of total 114 million gross tonnages.


We are proud to announce Bureau Veritas  as this year’s DMF BRONZE SPONSOR

BV Video Cover

Nordic Tankers set Full Sail at DMF 2016

When the doors open October 25 to the 3rd Danish Maritime Fair, as a part of Danish Maritime Days, we also open up for a brand new concept: ”Shipowner´s Lounge”. Danish Shipowners Association is the organizer behind Shipowner´s Lounge where a number of large Danish Shipowners will operate the lounge.


Nordic Tankers, who has been an active part of the exhibition the past two years, will this year be present all three days of the show Kristine Henriques, Consultant, People & Communication from Nordic Tankers says: “We look forward to participating more actively at the Danish Maritime Fair this year. The Shipowners’ Lounge is an exciting initiative that we have chosen to support full-hearted by being present all days of the exhibition. We will have representatives from the fleet, Purchasing and Marine HR at the lounge, who look forward to meeting all the visitors and showing the importance of chemicals in everyday life. I won’t give away all the details, but I can tell you that we are planning a number of activities that visitors can participate in.”


Exhibition Manager Jakob le Fevre adds: ”Without the support from the Danish shipowners we would never be able to create a maritime event of international standards. I think it’s amazing that the Danish Shipowners’ Association have chosen to be so actively involved in the project and we are grateful for the trust and support that we have experienced. Especially from Nordic Tankers, whom we consider one of our most important business partners.”


A Challenge – Green Jakobsen workshop on safety management

“What does performance need leadership for”

Green-Jakobsen’s workshop on safety management, “What does performance need leadership for” offers a great opportunity to participate in an active and involving workshop that will leave you a great deal wiser


“When we perform our safety maturity assessments on board the ships, we also check how management – on board and in the shipowners’ organizations – works in relation to safety. Management affects the entire working environment for employees” says Janne Haugland, Communication & HR Manager at Green-Jakobsen.


“In this process we often identify uncertainties among officers and among those who sit in HSEQ departments or technical departments within the companies. They may have difficulty finding good tools on how to improve their way of managing with a focus aiming at safety.

Therefore, we have developed a set of different courses where we, in a relatively easy way, offer participants tools to improve communications on board ships, to how to give feedback to the staff, and how to create follow-up and evaluation of constructive communication” she says and adds:

“During the workshop, we ask participants, typically managers who have contact with the crew on board or work in shipping companies’ HSQE, crewing or technical departments, some challenging questions.”

The difficult questions

“We know very well in which areas they feel challenged; therefore, we open up a discussion to get their points of views.  On each topic we try to come up with some general tools for how to go about it and what it can lead to” she says, and mentions four questions:

– Is top management committed and engaged in defining and implementing processes that improve safety overall in the company?

– Are you a born leader, or can you acquire the necessary leadership skills?

– Are the officers properly trained to implement the constant demands of improvements?

– How do officers see themselves as leaders and how well do they know their own skills?

“The concept is that we challenge people on hypotheses and have a discussion. Then we make a conclusion, which is based on the experiences we make in terms of what we see on board the ships, and when we create management strategies for the shipowners.

It is a very interactive workshop without long presentations. The discussions will be commented and we will draw conclusions, share advise and graphically, we present different tools on how to approach things”, finishes Janne Haugland.

UKHO brings ‘Living with ECDIS’ Seminar to Danish Maritime Fair

Free seminar to support efficient and compliant use of ECDIS.

The United Kingdom Hydrographic Office (UKHO) has announced the details of its free ECDIS Seminar at the Danish Maritime Fair, part of Danish Maritime Days 2016.

The UKHO’s ‘Living with ECDIS’ seminar will take place on the second day of Danish Maritime Days, Tuesday 25 October. On the back of the latest ECDIS usage figures from the UKHO, which reveal that 59% of the global SOLAS fleet is now ECDIS-ready, the UKHO’s seminar is designed to ensure that the navigational benefits of ECDIS are achieved in an efficient and compliant manner.

Living with ECDIS requires ship owners and operators, ship managers and serving officers to be constantly aware of changes in legal requirements, compliance and maintenance issues surrounding the adoption and ongoing management of ECDIS. The seminar will cover all of these issues and include guidance for delegates on the latest IHO ECDIS Standards and how this affects the ECDIS user experience.

‘Living with ECDIS’ will be held at 14:00 on Tuesday 25 October and will be presented by Tom Mellor, the UKHO’s Head of Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Support and Digital Standards, and also the Chairman of the IHO’s ENC Working Group.

Speaking ahead of Danish Maritime Days, Tom Mellor commented:

“Danish Maritime Days is a popular event for many shipowners and operators, and one of the four core themes for this year’s event is ‘safety and security’. UKHO is pleased to support this important theme by providing delegates with the opportunity to attend our free ECDIS seminar in order to learn more about how support safe and compliant navigation and to ask any questions about ECDIS.”

“The majority of the global SOLAS fleet is now ‘ECDIS ready’ but the process of ensuring ECDIS compliance and safe navigation doesn’t stop with simply installing the hardware and software. We have provided extensive guidance to assist shipping companies with the adoption of ECDIS and we are committed to continuing to support the shipping industry as it seeks to enjoy the full navigational benefits of ECDIS.”

Danish Port Conference – Ports and Short Sea Shipping

At the Danish Port Conference, which again this year is held in connection with the Danish Maritime Fair, the main theme is Short Sea Shipping (SSS).

Director Mikkel Brønnum Hansen explains:


“It is generally about how we can create growth across the quayside, and here we focus on the resumed initiatives around the Short Sea network which so to speak, has been restarted. At the same time, naturally, we draw parallels to what the maritime growth team brings.


Here we will discuss port-related issues, while keeping a broad perspective which means, not solely focusing on the port itself, but just as much on how the ports can contribute to maritime growth. On top of that we will bring up specific cases that are relevant examples of how it can actually be done,” he says.

TØF – Transport Economical Association

The Danish Port Conference is held under the auspices of TØF, Transport Economic Association, in close collaboration with the Danish Shipowners’ Association, Danish Port and Danish Port under the Confederation of Danish Industry

“ In principle, we have a Danish focus, however, as it takes place in an international context, we have the option to switch to English if the development turns in that direction. We will evaluate later” , says Mikkel Brønnum who, expects to see a list of participants that include decision makers from the ports and port operators; Port Directors, suppliers, forwarding agents, stevedores and logistic companies in general as well as shipowners that are active in the SSS

He has no doubt that the interest increases because of its location at the Danish Maritime Fair:
– This way we are integrated into the exhibition, where there are many relevant suppliers. This gives us the possibility to attract an even wider audience,” finishes Mikkel Brønnum Hansen.

Tech Conf 2016

Danish Maritime Technology Conference

New powerful knowledge!

Again this year, the Danish Maritime Fair combines the exhibition with access to the latest knowledge in key areas of the industry. The emphasis is on conferences and workshops which, in addition to qualified presentations also offer active participation of the delegates as well as new tools so everyone gets valuable know-how to take home.

Danish Maritime Technology Conference, hosted by Danish Maritime is held at DMF in the Train Workshop in Copenhagen.

“We chose this location because we believe in the synergy between the exhibition and the technology conference. Both are ways to create a showcase for all what the Danish maritime industry represents”, says Danish Maritime CEO, Jenny Braat. “The Danish industry has a high technological level and good technologies and skills. Off course, this must be visualized at such a big international event Danish Maritime Days. We want both visibility and to use this platform to enhance brand awareness for the Danish maritime companies.

The Technology Conference is a large conference where we would like to attract many relevant stakeholders. This applies not least to shipping companies from around the world, including their technical staff. The conference will be ‘active’ in the way that we, besides our key note speakers, offer the possibility to dive into in-depth sessions and as professionals discuss the challenges we face and solutions to those issues” she says.

The world transport

Among the speakers at the conference’s first day is the Director of DNV GL, Remi Eriksen, who, based on the company’s new, large report, shares his take on future transportation.

“It is essential for us to look at the long term and to look at what development we expect to see in the future. This way, we can constantly ensure that we are at the forefront of developments taking place globally” says Jenny Braats and mentions that the conference is picking up the thread from last year’s highly acclaimed theme on smart shipping with Martin Stopford. The goal is to focus on how the industry can utilize this the best way.

Jenny Braat has no doubt that the Danish Maritime Technology Conference is here to stay: ” It is a concept we will hold on to because it is a good way to create a window on to the technologies and the knowledge we have here in Denmark”, she says and unveils that the next time, the topic is expanded to include ship design, which is another Danish competence.

The Conference emphasizes dialogue, so the delegates do not just sit and listen passively, but can be an active player in the conference.

“It is important that everyone leaves the conference with the feeling that they really have got unique take-aways to bring home”, finishes Jenny Braat

For registration and program: CLICK HERE

Danish Technology Conference 2016
Danish Technology Conference 2016 Speaker
Danish Technology Conference 2016 Panel
Wärtsila news 2


With the most complete marine offering in the world and the broadest service network in the industry, Wärtsilä shapes the marine and energy markets with advanced technologies and focus on lifecycle performance.

We are proud to announce Wärtsilä as this year’s DMF SILVER SPONSOR

Initiatives for Blue Entrepreneurs

Both the Media Group Maritime Denmark and the concept Danish Maritime Fair is founded by small scale entreprenuers, with a vision and a willingness to hard work. We have succeeded in creating a stable company and we would like to pass the opportunity on to other hopeful people with a vision.

This is the background for two new initiatives we are launching at the years Danish Maritime Fair:

1: Blue Start Up Award
Pitch your blue business idea in front of a committee consisting of business professionals. Blue Start Up Award is established in a co-operation between EMUC and The Media Group Maritime Denmark. The purposes of the event is to bring attention to promising maritime business ideas. If you have a business idea, a new product, an upgrade of an existing product or a service and need assistance in proceeding with the idea, then submit it in maximum one page to jlf@maritimedanmark.dk before Sept. 1st, 2016. The committee will choose a number of submitted proposals and they will be granted 5 minutes speaking slot in front of the panel and the audience.
The best idea will receive an award, a diploma and a media campaign of value 19.995 DKK

2: Start Up & SMB Pavilion
Entreprenuers and small companies run a different economy than well-establish companies. Money is tight and every coin is counting. Based on this, we are launching two smaller Start Up and SMB Pavilions. The concept is a shared pavilion, with 4m2 dedicated per company, with 1 bar table, two bar chairs, spots in rig, company name on wing sign, 1,6kw electricity and wifi. Price: 7.793 DKK

In order to get a space on the pavilion with this attractive offer, you will need to forward your application to booking@danishmaritimefair.dk

Add a few words about yourself, your company, website if you have it running, and we will evaluate if your company is eligible for the offer.

Danish German Chamber of Commerce

Danish-German Chamber of Commerce to arrange German National Pavilion

Adding to the other national pavilions; Sweden, The Netherlands and Finland, we are now very pleased to announce that also Germany will be represented at Danish Maritime Fair.


The Danish-German Chamber of Commerce in Copenhagen will head the German Pavilion and ‎CEO at DEinternational Denmark – ‎German-Danish Chamber of Commerce, Mette-Kathrine Kundby-Nielsen explains:


“The Chamber of Commerce forms a link between Danish and German companies and there is great potential in strengthening the cooperation between especially the North German and Danish maritime cluster.  The Chamber of Commerce sees it as an important task to help creating the framework for Danish and German maritime companies to get this unique opportunity to network with each other”


Welcome Germany!

DMF 2016 proudly presents this year’s GOLD sponsor: PJ Diesel

Engine performance and reliability is important for any ship owner.
PJ Diesel Engineering has since 1979 supplied the world with a full service exchange program within key components such as; turbochargers, governors and fuel injection equipment.

Danish Maritime Fair proudly presents PJ Diesel Engineering as this year’s Fair GOLD Sponsor.

DMF 2016 Extended Guide

DMF Launches new e-book

How does one go about getting the most out of a trade show? Find the answers in a new e-book published by the organizers of the Danish Maritime Fair. The book is free for a limited period of time, all you have to do, is to sign up for the Danish Maritime Fairs newsletter.

A trade show is a costly affair and you would expect the trade fair participation to show results that impact your bottom line. However, the day-to-day business live leaves little time for preparation before the show, and even for evaluation after the show. If the time is not spent wisely, the expected results may not show.

Organizing an event is a big responsibility and there are many things to consider. The organizers of Danish Maritime Fair have long been searching for a comprehensive step-by-step guide that could assist the exhibitor through the process. In the end, Danish Maritime Fair decided to publish their own e-book. The “Exhibitor Extended Guide” comprises of 28 pages packed with tips and tricks and good input – and relevant checklists.

The book is written by Claus Holm who, besides holding a Master of Experience Economy and Leadership, a M.Sc. International Marketing and Management and a B.Sc. Business Administration, also has developed trade shows and conferences from scratch – and teaches at Copenhagen Business School. Claus Holm is furthermore the author of Wonderful Copenhagen’s conference guide.


The background of the book is explained here by Exhibition Manager, Jakob le Fevre:

“When we created a new international maritime event in Denmark, we are very dependent on everyone contributing to making the fair a success. A basic condition for the success of a B2B trade show is participants and the profile of these participants. Last year we opened up the possibility that our exhibitors could invite guests to the fair free of charge and despite the fact that it was easily and quickly done, we were surprised by how few actually did it. When we went in depth with the subject, it dawned on us that there were very divergent views on how to achieve success at a trade show, ” says Jakob le Fevre.


“We decided to address the topic professionally and hire an expert on the subject, not only to help us adjust the concept itself, but also specifically to produce the guide. This year we have implemented a new system where exhibitors not only can generate a link to invite guests for free, they can also see who actually registers based on this invitation and that is a perfect opportunity for exhibitors to review on the marketing efforts before the fair ” Jakob Le Fevre concludes.


The book is suitable for use in connection with all trade fairs and is free of charge for a limited time all you have to do, is to sign up for the Danish Maritime Fairs newsletter.

Sign up for the newsletter HERE

Danish Maritime Fair PR 2

Increased focus on ports on DMF 2016

Increased focus on ports on DMF 2016

This year, the annual Danish Port Conference, arranged by The Transport Economic Association (TØF), will be held in the main conference room of Danish Maritime Fair; Main Deck.  Danish Maritime Fair takes place October 25th – 27th in The Train Workshop in Copenhagen.

A unique opportunity


“For The Transport Economic Association, Danish Maritime Fair is the natural location to place our annual port conference. It gives a unique opportunity to integrate the issues of the conference with hands-on experiences among, hopefully, a lot of exhibitors and equipment suppliers with relevance to the harbours” says Mikkel Brønnum Hansen, Secretariat Director of The Transport Economic Association.


Bjarne Løf Henriksen, Business Policy Consultant for Danish Ports, elaborates on the decision to form the partnership:

“Danish Ports supports Danish Maritime Fair because of the function of the event as a platform to spread information and create possibilities for sharing knowledge and professional networking. Danish Harbours has a direct focus on the role of the harbours as central points in the transport chain. The daily challenges in the world trade demands strong networks and that you understand the possibilities in a close cooperation. Danish Ports sees a potential in strengthening the union between the different players in the industry. Furthermore, Danish Maritime Fair is also a window, which, with regard for the future, will give Denmark a position in the blue growth agenda” says Bjarne Løf Henriksen. 


A powerful version of DMF


Exhibitors and visitors can look forward to a powerful version of Danish Maritime Fair.

“For DMF 2016, we have chosen to use many resources on developing the concept to ensure that we will get the entire maritime cluster to the fair. In cooperation with The Danish Shipowners’ Association we will this year launch an 84 m2 big Shipowners’ Lounge, which will work as a meeting place for shipping company employees from at home and abroad. In connection with this, we have entered into a cooperation with Danish Ports and now focus on how to get the ports more involved in the concept “says Exhibition Manager Jakob le Fevre.


The Transport Economic Association

Independent association that gathers all transport modes and offers a professional forum where knowledge, experience and management skills are exchanged and conveyed within transport policy, logistics and value chains, conveyor technology, economics, research and education.

Contact: Mikkel Brønnum Hansen, Secretariat Director, E: mbh@maritimecenter.dk,  T: +45 77 31 09 22


Danish Ports

Danish Ports – Industry Organisation for Danish commercial ports

Contact: Bjarne Løf Henriksen, Business Policy Consultant, E: blh@danskehavne.dk T: +45 72 11 81 05


Danish Maritime Fair

Exhibition Manager Jakob Le Fevre, E: jlf@danishmaritimefair.dk T: +7020 4155


Click to download the latest press release: DMF 2016 Press Release 05.2016_UK

Danish Maritime Fair News - Conferences

Danish Maritime Fair gathers events during Danish Maritime Days

During the last month, the strategic work regarding developing Danish Maritime Fair, has been fast. On the basis of feed-backs from last the year’s participants, there has been focus on both attracting foreigners and representatives from the shipowners to the fair and attract both national and international maritime events.

The effort has resulted in the fact, that the fair now can present international pavilions from Sweden, Finland, the Netherlands and Germany – with space enough for up to 50 foreign companies. The big conferences on the fair will be the Danish Maritime Technology Conferences and the Danish Port Conference, which both have facilities to 260 participants.

Of smaller conferences, there is going to be: A GoLNG workshop, an ECDIS Seminar, a Leadership conference and a Ship Inspection in the future workshop.

In the event department, the very opening of the fair, can be mentioned – again this year it will be opened with the Royal Danish Navy Band and with speeches of keypersons from the branch.

Beyond that, the Danish Ship of the Year will be nominated and a new concept “Blue Start Up Award” will be introduced in order to promote entrepreneurship and innovation in the business – so up to the fair you can send a suggestion for a business idea and a committee of relevant professionals will choose potential projects and the entrepreneur will have the opportunity to pitch the idea in front of the panel and the audience on the fair.

Of social events, Danish Maritime Fair’s own Networking Dinner and After Party, can be mentioned. We are working at creating the largest party ever in the Danish maritime business. At this moment about 100 participants have signed up – but there is room for up to 480 persons – so here we really have an event of a certain caliber. The entertainment during the party will be performed by the Danish 14-man Swing Orchestra Zirkus, which will give a total experience, both musically and visually with a starting point in clothes and music from the twenties and thirties with a maritime feature.

That foreign exhibitors and conferences now by themselves find their way to Denmark and chooses to be located in connection to the fair, is quite in line with the vision of Danish Maritime Days, strengthening the brand of The Blue Denmark internationally. The fact that Danish organisers of events and conferences now move in with us I see as an approval of the work we have made and that there is an advantage in gathering the concept. It creates synergy between the different events and makes sense regarding logistics.

List of conferences and events on Danish Maritime Fair

List of conferences and events on Danish Maritime Fair

Danish Maritime Technology Conferences

The conference will run across two days and is Danish Maritime Days’ technical summit. Amongst other things, the conference deals with: Energy Efficiency, Alternative Fuels, Digitisation, The Fourth Industrial Revolution, Data Sharing, 3D printing, Robotisation and much more.

Danish Port Conference

A large port conference with participants from all relevant stakeholders for ports in Denmark.

UKHO ‘Living with ECDIS’ seminar

Expertseminar about ECDIS, with the theme to secure that the users obtain the advantages of using an ECDIS system. The seminar is determined profiles who already use ECDIS and who wish to stay ahead with the latest development. Tom Mellor is in charge of the seminar.He is head of OEM Technical Support and Digitale Standards by United Kingdom Hydrographic Office and is the consultant  for ECDIS’ manufacturers and International Hydrographic Organization.

Ship inspection in the future – Safety or certification

A workshop about shipinspection. During the last 5 years the Danish Maritime Authority has developed Flagstateinspections of passengerships and fishingships. An inspection is much about abide by rules – but is this the same as safety? The Danish Maritime Authority believes that inspections can focuse a lot more on safety than today and this workshop will be an assembly to discuss this subject.

What does performance need leadership for?

The workshop focuses on “Good Leadership” and principals which can help shipowners to achieve highly efficient employees.

The 3rd Danish Maritime Fair takes place October 25th-27th 2016

The Danish Shipowners´ Association, AHOY Rotterdam as well as numerous national pavilions and international partners will participate when the doors open for the Danish Maritime Fair.
Danish Maritime Fair takes place October 25th-27th in The Train Workshop in Copenhagen with an estimated 200 exhibitors from the international maritime sector and around 5000 visitors.
The Danish Shipowners´ Association participates with Shipowners’ Lounge
The Danish Shipowners´ Association has decided to support the Danish Maritime Days by participating in the Danish Maritime Fair with a special Shipowners’ Lounge, where its members can exhibit or arrange smaller events.

“In the past two years the Danish Maritime Fair has proved an interesting hub during the Danish Maritime Days. The Danish Shipowners´ Association has decided to participate with its own lounge this year, and I hope that many of our member companies will make use of the booth,” says Anne H. Steffensen, CEO of the Danish Shipowners´ Association.

The Danish Shipowners´ Association is in the process of creating a program for the lounge, but it is already clear that the Danish Shipowners´ Association will be present throughout the 3-days exhibition.

AHOY Rotterdam and NMT (Netherland Maritime Technology) organizes Dutch national pavilion
At this year’s Danish Maritime Fair, the Dutch maritime industry will be represented at the Dutch Pavilion.
AHOY Rotterdam is organizing an 90m2 large Pavillon to show case Dutch marine technology

Denmark is a country close to the Netherlands, both geographically and in the mentality of the two populations. Cooperation between the Dutch and the Danes has always been productive, amicable and easygoing. In the field of the Maritime Industry, the two countries are very much on the same level.

“Denmark is a country with a rich maritime tradition much like our own. We have a similar approach to innovation, service and quality and we can greatly benefit from each other’s expertise” explains Danny van Eijk, Account Manager, AHOY and continues: “ The visiting ship owners, ship managers and agents in DMF are very valuable business contacts for the Dutch supply industry and we feel that arranging meaningful meetings between like-minded industry professionals is not only good business for us – it is of strategic importance looking towards the European maritime future”.

The Danish Shipowners’ Association
The Danish Shipowners’ Association is a trade- and employer organization for more than 40 ship-owners and two offshore companies. For more information, visit www.shipowners.dk. Contact, Head of Press, Rasmus Bebe, rb@shipowners.dk T: +45 21 16 64 19

AHOY Rotterdam
Ahoy Rotterdam is a convention centre, event organizer and arena in Rotterdam, Netherlands. For more information, visit www.ahoy.nl/en. Contact. Danny van Eijk. E: D.vanEijk@ahoy.nl. T: +31 (0)10 293 33 45

DMF 2016 News - Shipowners' Lounge

The Danish Shipowners´ Association participates with own lounge at DMF 2016

The Danish Shipowners´ Association has decided to support the Danish Maritime Days by participating in the Danish Maritime Fair with a special Shipowners’ Lounge, where its members can exhibit or arrange smaller events.

The Danish Shipowners´ Association will soon start putting together a program for the lounge, but it is already clear that the Danish Shipowners´ Association will be present throughout the 3-day exhibition.

Danish Maritime Fair will be held on 25-27 October at Lokomotivværkstedet in Copenhagen with about 200 exhibitors from all parts of the maritime sector.

“In the past two years the Danish Maritime Fair has proved an interesting hub during the Danish Maritime Days. The Danish Shipowners´ Association has decided to participate with its own lounge this year, and I hope that many of our member companies will make use of the booth,”

Anne H. Steffensen, CEO of the Danish Shipowners´ Association.

The fair is part of the Danish Maritime Days, which takes place for the third time this year.

Source: Danish Shipowners´Association / Maritime Denmark


Rotterdam AHOY organize Dutch Pavilion at DMF 2016

At this year’s Danish Maritime Fair, the Dutch maritime industry will be represented at the Dutch Pavilion.

Rotterdam AHOY is organizing an 80m2 large Pavilion to show case Dutch marine technology. We are proud to have AHOY on board!

Denmark is a country close to the Netherlands, both physically but also mentally. Cooperation between the Dutch and the Danes has always been productive, amicable and easygoing. In the field of the Maritime Industry, the two countries are very much on the same level.

“Denmark is a country with a rich maritime tradition much like our own. We have a similar approach to innovation, service and quality and we can greatly benefit from each other’s expertise. The visiting ship owners, ship managers and agents in DMF are very valuable business contacts for the Dutch supply industry and we feel that arranging meaningful meetings between like-minded industry professionals is not only good business – it is of strategic importance looking towards the European maritime future”


Danny van Eijk, Account Manager, ROTTERDAM AHOY


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