Low Oil Prices and LNG



Low Oil Prices and LNG:  Supporting the LNG Infrastructure development in the Baltic Sea Region IS.

Even before oil prices began to fall last year, the development of the necessary LNG infrastructure faced significant challenges, and for the foreseeable future the ongoing LNG infrastructure development will encounter rough seas. While the long-term economic fundamentals remain sound for the LNG expansion, additional measures are needed to boost the continuous development of both the LNG infrastructure and the LNG value chain in the region.


During this half-day seminar, we will be looking into actions supporting the continuous LNG development in the Baltic Sea Region by exploring innovations to open up new markets and adding on new end-users to the existing infrastructure.


13.00: Welcome by/ Moderator Jan Boyesen, Maritime Development Center of Europe

13:10 LNG distribution in BSR by/ Jonas Kimontas, Project manager Klaipedos nafta

13.30 LNG for Inland Waterways and Inland Cargo Transportation by/ Manfred Seitz, General Manager, Pro Danube Management GmbH

13.50: Utilization of LNG cooling energy by/ Marius Arkusauskas, Director, Western Baltic Engineering

14.10: LNG trucks in Central Europe – collected experience and perspectives by/ Karol Wieczorek, Regional Manager, Cryogas M&T Poland

14.30 LNG Powered Port Equipment by/ Kone Cranes, (TBC)


14.50 Coffee break


15.20: LNG – the future of tanker shipping? by/ Jens P. Buchhave, Managing Dirctor, TernTank

15.40: Bio LNG: Maritime fuel of the future? CO2 neutral, based on local supply chain and creating local jobs by/ Søren Steensgaard, Technical Director, Samsø Municipality

16.00: Vos Logistics LNG experience By/Anne Marie Timmermans, LNG Project Manager, Vos Logistics

16.20: Discussions

17.00 End of workshop


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