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For the first half of 2016, the key buzzword of the maritime industry have been ‘The Fourth Industrial Revolution’. The global maritime industry stands in the midst of a market with changing dynamics, where emerging technologies give endless possibilities with an unprecedented processing power.


The emerging technologies have opened up for new products and services that increase efficiency through the entire maritime value chain. The Danish Maritime Technology Conference looks at the key drivers emerging in and from the Fourth Industrial Revolution – the technologies, the products and the services that leads this market change.


The new waves of accelerating technological development require new forms of conducting agile business, given the speed at which innovation and disruption takes place. Members of Danish Maritime are global market leaders within the maritime industry, and together with specialists they will discuss their core challenges and present their solutions to a game changing market.


Tentative conference programme

Wednesday 26 October

09:00   Welcome by Jenny N. Braat, Managing Director, Danish Maritime
09:10   Opening of the Conference by H.R.H. Prince Joachim
09:30   Conference kick-off by moderator Matthew Spaniol, phD fellow, Danish Maritime
09:40   Keynote speaker Remi Eriksen, CEO, DNV GL
10:00   Morning Session: Digitization – Maritime Game Changing Innovation
  Keynote speaker Tomas Lagerberg, Manager Automation Technologies, ABB: Digitalization – The Fourth Industrial Revolution!?Digitalisation in the Marine Industry by Stefan Matias Nygård, General Manager Portfolio Management, Wärtsilä

Presentation by Mads Ingwar, Principal Consultant, Think Big, a Teradata Company

11:15   In-depth Session – Dive into the Themes presented at the Morning Session
11:45   Award Presentation: ‘Danish Ship of the Year’
12:00   Lunch
12:45   Keynote speaker Anna Margrét Kornelíusdóttir, Researcher, Nordic Marina, network for alternative fuels
13:15   Afternoon session: Energy Efficiency – Optimizing the Maritime Industry
    The New Generation of Two-Stroke Engines by Ole Grøne, Senior Vice President, Promotion and Sales, MAN Diesel & TurboOpening the market for vessel performance monitoring and optimization by Søren Hattel, Team Leader,

Hydro and Aerodynamics Department, FORCE Technology

Higher Efficiency and Safeguarding of the Engine by Optimization and Control of the Fuel Cleaning Process by Geir Larum, Application Manager Oil Treatment, Alfa Laval

14:15   In-depth Session – Dive into the Themes presented at the Afternoon Session
14:45   End of day one – Concluding Remarks


Thursday 27 October

09:00   Welcome by moderator Matthew Spaniol, phD fellow, Danish Maritime
09:20   Keynote speaker K. D. Adamson, Futurist and CEO, Futurenautics Group
10:00   Morning Session: Ship Design – Building Ships for the Future
  Robotization and Ship Design by Gert Jørgensen, CEO, InrotechMulitifuel Engines – Designed for a Greener Future by René Sejer Laursen, Promotion Manager, MAN Diesel & Turbo

Electrical Ferries – When Technology Becomes Profitable and Environmentally Friendly by Kim Strate Kiegstad, Global Account Manager, Siemens Marine & Shipbuilding

Presentation by Thomas Eefsen, Sales & Business Development Director, Odense Maritime Technology

11:15   In-depth Session – Dive into the Themes Presented at the Morning Session
11:45   Lunch
12:30   Keynote speaker Brent Perry, CEO, PBES
13:00   Afternoon Session: Meeting Environmental Regulations, Maritime Risk and Safety Demands
  Panel:Christophe Tytgat, CEO, SEA Europe

Martin John, Director, Ship survey and Certification, Danish Maritime Authority

Michel Schilling, Vice Director, Danish Environmental Protection Agency

Kent Mølsted, Manager Rules & Regulations, VIKING Life-Saving Equipment

Ulrik Frenander, Division Manager Marine & Diesel, Alfa Laval Nordic

14:00   In-depth Session – Dive into the Themes Presented at the Afternoon Session
14:30   Closing Remarks and Discussions by moderator Matthew Spaniol, phD fellow, Danish Maritime

Registration for Danish Maritime Technology Conference


The conference is free of charge. When registering for Danish Maritime Technology Conference you receive a free entrance ticket to Danish Maritime Fair.


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The conference is held with support from The Danish Maritime Fund

Contact Organizer:

Telephone: +45 3313 2416

E-mail: info@danishmaritime.org

Media Partner: www.maritimedanmark.dk

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