Record setting DMF 2016

The third edition of the Danish Maritime Fair – DMF 2016 – not only proved that there is a base for an international maritime exhibition on Danish ground, but the statistics furthermore displays an impressive range of decision makers from all over the world among the visitors.

The Fair hosted 4 national pavilions from Finland, Germany, The Netherlands and Sweden. A Blue Career Lounge with 10 educational institutions, a start-up & SMB lounge with 5 companies and a Shipowners’ Lounge arranged by the Danish Shipowners’ Association and a range of the largest Danish Shipowners.

There were 232 exhibiting companies, distributed on 133 stands and pavilions and roughly 2.000 net. m2.


The total venue was 10.500m2 with many rooms and conference halls and display items by the entrance.

The total number of independent events including social events, workshops, conferences etc. was 45.

Download the report here